Sustainable Development Goals Curriculum Resources

Between Jan 2018 - May 2020, the CoDesRes project embedded an interdisciplinary team within post-primary level education; the host school Coláiste na Sceilge, Cahersiveen S. Kerry to develop curriculum resources around the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular SDG 4 - Quality Education


 The curriculum resources include

  • SDG goal Introduction lessons

  • Module Intros – overview content / key skills / learning outcomes

  • Activities and lesson plans across all modules including links to other resources

  • Global Goals Art and Design case studies

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The resources embed unique arts-led place-based praxis, the permaCultural resilience framework to create an approach to place-based STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for supporting student-led inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.

In addition, Design Thinking; the cognitive, strategic and practical processes by which design concepts are developed are merged with the critical praxis to create an approach

that encourage the 21st Century Skills – the 4Cs, communication, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity.

In addition to core modules CoDesRes also produced a series of micro-modules and lesson plans; Young Entrepreneur, Leadership, Recycling and Waste and Media Communication (including introduction to audio and video production, graphic communication and presentation) as well as learning activities for primary and pre-primary age groups; StoryBank, Pollinators and Adaptations and Community groups; Rapid Engineering for Communities, Rapid Media for Communities and Rapid Governance for Communities

NB: The resources are free to use on sign-up. This is so we can get feedback on what works and what doesn't as we are continuing to develop them through our legacy projects, Muinín Catalyst and The Ballroom. We also want to share new resources and support options as they come online.  

So, just for now, we are asking you not to share them as they will be developed in the next phase. We hope you will encourage your colleagues to sign up.


To this end, they are covered by a Creative Commons license. 

Thank you! 

Click on the icons below for the full teaching pdf, the students' pdf (worksheets only) and linked Supporting Skills lessons and other activities 

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Teaching PDF

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Students' PDF

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Supporting Skills 

Problem to Pitch is our core module designed a generic project development management module that can be adapted to any topic. It introduces students to the concept and process of Design Thinking; the cognitive, strategic and practical processes for creative problem solving.

The module encourages students to engage with their local context to enable them to explore real-world problems in meaningful and tangible ways that are manageable. The module encourages the development of 21st Century skills supporting students to keep up with the lightning pace of a constantly changing technologised world.  


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Teaching PDF

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Students' PDF

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Linked Learning

Media Communication is a supporting micro-module that links into project-based learning modules that use local places to enable learners to gain knowledge and skills around contemporary issues of sustainable development. The micro-module has four aspects, moving image (video), graphic (poster), presentation, the Pecha Kucha method and audio (podcasts). As the skills are transferable the lesson is placed under SDG 8 with a focus for some of the lessons as sustainable tourism / Kerry.  

This module can used in support of existing projects, linked to the resources here or delivered as a Media Communication module to develop skills to support students to produce content beyond social media platforms. There are additional links within the SDG 4  Supporting Skills lessons to activities that use social media platforms e.g. TikTok

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Teaching PDF

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Students' PDF

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Linked learning

Coming Soon - DREAM Designs is a project-based learning module with a year-end focus of an exhibition showing learners’ visions for derelict buildings in Cahersiveen. It uses the local place to enable learners to gain knowledge and skills around contemporary issues on a local scale, sustainable development and issues, project management and execution. The overarching year-end event guides lessons and related module support and encourages linked-learning. A forward-planning guide will enable teachers across subject areas to collaborate and plan in order to develop learners’ understanding 

and skills to complete the module.

This module can be delivered in whole or as a menu of micro-modules and or individual lessons to support existing plans and programmes.

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Teaching PDF

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Students' PDF

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Linked learning

SDG 14 Ocean Literacy:  The Ocean is the blue heart of planet Earth and what allows us to survive on this planet. Having a better understanding of how important the Ocean is in our daily lives help us as humans to understand how we need to take care of it better.


The module can be delivered as a whole over ten 1 hour lessons, combination with the Problem to Pitch Marine Plastic Waste module or as individual lesson plans to augment existing programmes of study.


SDG 15 Seeding Sustainability: Seeding Sustainability is a project-based learning module with a year-end event and uses the local place to enable learners to gain knowledge and skills around local ecology, environmental factors and issues, project management and execution. 

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Linked learning

Seeding Sustainability