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Each month we will be sharing a lesson plan and activity linked to our programmes and focus for the month aligned to significant days, like Earth Day.


This gives an opportunity for teachers to engage with the day even if they cannot do so on the specific day as these issues are global and year-round. We will be housing all our featured lessons here. 

To access our full suite of programmes please sign on here Our Programmes our free to use under a Creative Commons license and we ask that you sign up so we can support educators in using them and gain feedback in how we might improve them. 

May World Biodiversity Day

This month's lesson, in honour of World Biodiversity Day, is from the 'Ocean Literacy'  transition year module. In this lesson, learners are encouraged to use their observation skills to understand the interconnections between the land and ocean interface and further understand our influence on the ocean. Using inquiry-based learning techniques, the learners will become more ocean literate, as they understand the ocean network and importance of the interconnections between land and sea, and the ocean network. 


To download the resource click on the image of the lesson plan. 

April Earth Day

April's lesson, in honour of Earth Day, is from the 'Climate Change Engage'  transition year unit. In this lesson, learners will be introduced to the foundational concepts of Climate Change. They will be introduced to the difference between weather and climate, and begin to understand the changes in patterns and recognise the impacts that this can have.

To download the resource click on the image of the lesson plan.

March National Recycling Day

March's lesson, in honour of National Recycling Day, is from the 'Engineering for Good'  micro-module, part of our Passion to Purpose - Enterprise and Innovation programme. In this lesson, learners will examine waste and wasteful products that exist in their local environment and apply their new knowledge to create local action.

To download the resource click on the image of the lesson plan. 


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