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End of year review

Summary of activities in the first year

As a research project, we have to report to our funders every six months updating them on our progress, insuring we are meeting our targets and our deliverables. As we reach the end of our first year we are already transitioning to the next phase of the research, wrapping up the data gathering and beginning to reflect on what’s been achieved and what we need to do next.

July - December was a busy period for CoDesRes with summer welcoming our new team members James Murphy and Rebecca White, WP4 Media Leads. Rebecca and James, create and manage many of our media outputs, which are important in helping us document the project and share our work with new audiences. As well as keeping our profile active on our social media channels, they are also responsible for developing our media cohort and training.

Below you can see a summary of our six months from July - Dec 2018 and we are looking forward to our next six months which will see the completion of our Transition Year classes and our media cohort training.

Summary of activities, July - Dec 2018



  • Lucy Hunt attendance at Society and the Sea, University of Greenwich and Circular Ocean Symposium, Cork

  • Culture night: New Stories for Old Rope 21st Sept The Old Barracks, Cahersiveen, in partnership with SeaSynergy


  • Iveragh Learning Landscapes, Anita McKeown, presentation and panel, x2 hr workshop and full team attendance

  • Spookemon 2 – Promenade theatre piece and Halloween Celebration

  • Eleanor Turner and Lucy Hunt attendance at Our Ocean summit, Bali


  • Anita McKeown, CoDesRes presentation, Geography Society of Ireland

  • Media Cohort Induction session

  • Sneem Market engagement session with Sea Synergy




CoDesRes: Co-designing for rural Resilience through P2P networks and STEAM place-based learning interventions. The CoDesRes researchers are part of SMARTlab UCD  and the Inclusive Design Research Centre of Ireland. 


This research project is administered by the Environmental Protection Agency, which has the statutory function of co-ordinating and promoting environmental research.


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