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Between Jan 2018 - May 2020, the CoDesRes project embedded an interdisciplinary team within post-primary level education to develop curriculum resources around the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular SDG 4 - Quality Education. The programme resources include

  • SDG Goal Introduction lessons

  • Module Intros – overview content / key skills / learning outcomes

  • Activities and lesson plans across all modules including links to other resources

  • Global Goals case studies




The CoDesRes research is complete and we are beginning to revise the website. In the interim, you can contact us or if you subscribe we will send you an update. Thank you for your interest and Stay Safe

To access the education resources, click on the SDG 4 icon below to sign up.

To access the community resources click on the SDG 11 icon.

The resources are free to use, and so we can support you in using them if necessary, we require users to sign up with a school email - Thank you. 

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 Community Resources 

The SDGs and Education for Sustainable Development 

The SDGs, although not legally binding, require governments to take ownership and establish frameworks for achievement of the 17 universal goals that call for equitable economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection.


The team have gathered a number of useful resources around the Sustainable Development Goals, environmental organisations, and examples of interesting and inspiring projects. Click on the links to visit their websites and find out more.

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External Resources

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is a key element of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Its aims form one of the targets of the Sustainable Development Goal on education SDG 4.7 and it is considered a driver for the achievements of all 17 SDGs.  Complementary to the UNESCO guidance document - Education for Sustainable Development Goals - Learning Objectives, resource bank has been created for educators, education planners and practitioners and includes materials demonstrating how best to integrate ESD into teaching and learning in order to achieve the targets of the SDGs

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World's largest lesson promotes the use of the Sustainable Development Goals in learning so that children can contribute to a better future for all. From citizenship and justice to climate change and the environment, their aim is to inspire children to make a difference. WLL produces creative tools for educators and action focussed learning experiences for children and young people that build skills and motivation to take action for the SDGs.

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